WordPress Development Company in Dubai

WordPress Development Company in Dubai

WordPress is one of the most preferred open-source platforms, known for its simplest and the standard way for businesses to create dynamic websites. WordPress Development refers to building and maintaining WordPress websites.

In 2022, there were about 1.3 billion websites on the Internet, out of which 708 million websites used WordPress. Every year the downloads cross over 2 million, which leads to multiplying growth in the future.

Although WordPress was initially meant only for blogging and online publishing, businesses can now use WordPress to build different websites. 

WordPress Website For Business

WordPress is presently the most effective platform to build user-friendly business websites in any industry. These websites, through SEO and effective plugins, will attract more customers and ‘skyrocket’ the business. 

Businesses nowadays choose WordPress websites, especially startups. A business that does not offer any online tools or SAAS products does not necessarily have a high-pricing, developer-customized site. Hence, such businesses choose WordPress as an easier way to make their business presence online.

Let us learn more about WordPress. 

What is WordPress?

To technically define, WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS) acclaimed under General Public License, which enables everyone to use or make changes to this tool for free. 

It may be a blog, an eCommerce, or a business website, WordPress Development is remarkably responsive. The primary focus of WordPress is on adaptability and effectiveness, being an ultimate solution for companies of all types and sizes.

These are some examples of types of websites that you can build using WordPress:

  • Blogs 
  • Online stores
  • Business websites
  • Online forums 
  • E-Learning websites
  • Portfolios
  • Wedding websites

And more!

The list goes on! You can build absolutely any kind of website with WordPress development. Some various themes and plugins provide unique design options and additional features. Iknasoft is the best WordPress Website Development company in Dubai UAE. We offer UI/UX designs with responsive & manageable SEO-friendly sites. 

If you want more than what WordPress has to offer, then try our Web Development Services in UAE.

WordPress Developers in UAE

We have the best WordPress developers in UAE. A WordPress developer is a person who has specialized in designing and implementing websites for businesses through a WordPress platform.

A developer has a deep knowledge of the framework and the system of the platform and optimizes the efforts in improving the software or creating new products- themes, and plugins. It is a myth that these developers need not know to code.

However, they must be adequately knowledgeable about designing a dynamic and responsive WordPress website to fulfill business requirements. These are the main types of WordPress Developers:

  • WordPress Core Developer: Mainly works internally on the WordPress development software's back-end operations. They work on the codes to enhance the complete functionality of the platform.
  • WordPress Theme Developer: Builds personalized WordPress themes. These themes could be for an individual client or launched in a third-party space such as colorlib.com. A theme developer also shares themes for free in the WordPress Theme Directory. 
  • WordPress Plugin Developer: Creates customized plugins. As a theme developer, a plugin developer creates plugins for an individual client or launched in a third-party space, or shares them for free in the WordPress Theme Directory. 

Why Is WordPress Website The Best Option For Startups? 

WordPress Development Company in Dubai - IKNASOFT

One of the major reasons for choosing WordPress is due to its open-source feature. WordPress is also highly recommended because it is a free Content Management System and exceptionally suitable for startup owners. Being an open-source tool, WordPress is cost-effective, has an easily manageable license, is not vendor-driven, and has an integrated management system. 

Let us look at some key reasons that make WordPress the most recommended platform for startups:

Easy to Use

WordPress is easy to install, use and manage. Although various coding languages are used to build the basic platform, the best part is that you do not have to know these codings to work on WordPress.


This software is free on WordPress.org. However, you will have to pay for the domain name and web hosting. 


You can build various types of websites through WordPress Development.


WordPress is not owned by a particular company or a group, so it is available to everyone.


WordPress makes search engine optimization simpler. You can include header tags and keywords on the website with minimum effort. You can use plugins such as Yoast SEO to track SEO performance.


Developers across the world team up and contribute to enhancing the performance of the software. These contributors in the community make changes in the framework of the platform and improve’s performance.


WordPress development themes are personalizable. When working with advanced WordPress themes, they operate like page builders and enable the developers to take complete control of the website layout and design.


Images, audio, video, and documents of all formats can be uploaded on the WordPress platform. It supports a wide range of media types, even unclear ones. 


WordPress has an exclusive web security team with basic developers and users. WordPress users struggle with security issues due to errors on their end, rather than the platform.

Who Can Have a WordPress Website?

A WordPress can be created by a person from any industry, from a student to an entrepreneur, a shop owner, a fitness expert, or any professional. A WordPress website helps to showcase their skills in their respective industry- healthcare, fitness, beauty & cosmetics, nutrition & diet, etc. 

Even a student can start a WordPress website by writing articles on a specific subject of interest and sharing them on the Internet! Let us look at the various industries where WordPress websites are beneficial:

WordPress for E-commerce 

Most successful E-commerce and payment gateway businesses use WordPress. For instance, Ikea, Bakers Delight, Brown Brothers, etc. In the case of an online store, you can align and simplify the buyable products for users through a well-designed WordPress website. We have the best UI/UX designers in Dubai to offer the most attractive and phenomenon Web Design Services in UAE

WordPress is also for dedicated SEO and marketing promotion. You can use numerous plugins and themes to get the online store up and running instantly, without having to know coding or design skills. 

WordPress for Real Estate & Property Development

WordPress is highly recommended for building websites for realtors, real estate companies, and property management to exhibit their listings. When focusing on simple design elements and features, the ideal theme for real estate allows you to manage the listings and submit updated properties to display. 

WordPress websites are used by various real estate agents and companies to attract new customers. You may be a solo agent or own a property development business, but a quality website will always be a great asset!

WordPress for Accountants and Advisors

When you provide accounting or financial advising services, WordPress is the most recommended medium for promotion. Present your services to your audience and grab the attention of new clients through separate pages for each service with catchy images, impressive testimonials, and solved case studies or completed projects. 

Ensure that potential clients can easily contact you and get an appointment! The contact details should be easily accessible in a click or two, with strong security and backup to minimize the risks. 

WordPress for Small Businesses & Sole Traders

When WordPress was initially launched in 2003, it improved the management of websites. WordPress enables sole traders and small businesses to enhance the total look and feel of the site without the help of a developer.

It is a great investment idea even if you are just building a new website or revamping an old one. When building a brand, you need to choose an affordable CMS and theme, that is easy to use, and adaptable with effective SEO tools.

WordPress for Schools & Education

Schools and educational institutions also have a WordPress website that is useful for teachers and students. You can build a website focusing on higher education, or a full-fledged functional site for schools and colleges as per their requirements. 

WordPress websites can also be built for training institutes, online classes, or educational startups, that provide updated information regarding new courses and other career-related news as per their needs. An effective educational website theme would have the necessary features for a basic or a complex website yet be easily accessible. 

WordPress for Corporate Companies

A simple elegant site, or something unique that ‘stands out in the crowd’, WordPress has all kinds of websites, for small, medium-sized to large companies. It is one of the major reasons why this platform is used by over 45% of websites on the Internet, enabling a whole system of business opportunities. 

WordPress for Restaurants

WordPress is quite advantageous for food-related businesses to build water-droolingly delicious websites. You can attract an audience with effective features such as online reservations, menu management, maps & directions. 

Restaurants with an amazing combination of a WordPress website with email marketing and social media could witness a dynamic increase in the number of online orders, sales, and inquiries. You can also use relevant tags for your restaurant and menu to enhance your SEO efforts.

WordPress for Personal, Blogging & Media

We have heard this common myth that WordPress sites are only for blogs. Although WordPress was initially chosen for blogging, it has evolved into a powerful platform for all industries, businesses, and personal blogs.

You may choose WordPress to build a personal portfolio, a blog, a podcast, or a media site. You can use the platform to expose your business to the right audience by including a wide range of tools and plugins for simplifying the process and enabling you to optimize the content for the audience as well as for the search engines such as Google.

Web Development Services in UAE

Iknasoft is on the hit list of WordPress Development service providers in Dubai, UAE. We at Iknasoft believe that it is not easy to have successful websites with human-friendly interfaces. Our Web design & development services include world-class UI/UX designs with extensively responsive and easily manageable SEO-friendly sites. 

Looking to develop a new website from scratch? Wish to include customized theme development, site migration, and more services? Iknasoft is your destination!

Iknasoft company is foremost in terms of Development, IT, and Marketing, providing result-oriented Web design and SEO services in the shortest duration in Dubai. 

Walk into our office, and share the ideas of ‘your kinda website’- We help you build your dreams!