Iknasoft is the largest IT company providing complete structured cabling solutions that combine expertise, innovation, and efficiency for your business. For companies of all sizes, we specialise in developing, setting up, and maintaining dependable and effective network infrastructures. We guarantee smooth connectivity, high-performance data transfer, and scalable networks with our knowledge and sector-leading solutions, supporting the expansion and technological requirements of your company.

We have the expertise and resources to go above and beyond your expectations, whether you need fibre optic solutions, extensive network installations, or data centre wiring. For unmatched structured cabling services that are suited to your specific needs, choose Iknasoft.

Structured Cabling Solutions

When it comes to structured cabling solutions, Iknasoft stands as a reliable and innovative choice. Experience the power of seamless connectivity, future-proof technology, and unparalleled service with our customized solutions.

Let us empower your business with a robust networking infrastructure that drives success in the digital age. Get in touch with us today and take the first step towards a connected tomorrow.

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Structured Cabling Services & Solutions

Structured cabling solutions can assist organisations and data centres greatly even if cables and wires are typically concealed behind walls. Without it, the system is in danger, particularly when performing maintenance. The following are just a few advantages of structured cabling:

Data Cable Management

It involves the use of various techniques and tools to manage and secure data cables, ensuring optimal performance, reducing cable clutter, and simplifying future maintenance and troubleshooting.

Cabinet Solutions

These solutions are designed to optimize space utilization, enhance cable management, and ensure the proper functioning of IT infrastructure.

Structured cabling- Data, Voice, Video

It is a comprehensive and standardized approach to designing and implementing a unified cabling infrastructure that supports various communication technologies, including data, voice, and video.

Optic Fiber Cabling

It is a type of structured cabling that utilizes thin strands of glass or plastic to transmit data in the form of light pulses. It offers several advantages over traditional copper cabling, making it a preferred choice for high-speed and long-distance communication networks.

Consultation - Design and Configuration - Implementation

By following these three stages - Consultation, Design and Configuration, and Implementation - businesses can successfully deploy structured cabling solutions that provide a robust and efficient network infrastructure, supporting their communication needs and fostering organizational growth and productivity. These are the 3 stages as follows:

  • Consultation
  • Design and Configuration
  • Implementation
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Cabline for Fibre optics and Data Centres

The construction and operation of fibre optic cables, which allow for high-speed data transmission across great distances, is the main emphasis of our fibre optic cabling services. This covers the fusion splicing, terminations, and installation of fibre optic connectors. For businesses that need long-distance communication or have strict bandwidth needs, Iknasoft’s fibre optic cabling services are appropriate.

The design and installation of structured cabling systems inside data centres is a speciality of our data centre cabling services. With regard to high-density connection, cable management, power distribution, and cooling considerations, our experts at Iknasoft take into account the special needs of data centre environments. The key equipment is connected in an effective and organised manner thanks to data centre cabling services. Following tasks are performed by these technicians:

  • Fiber Optic Installation
  • Cable Management
  • Fiber Optic Splicing
  • Troubleshooting and Maintenance
  • Upgrades and Expansion
  • Documentation
  • Safety and Security
  • Connectivity Monitoring

Other Structred Cabling Services 

 Certification and Testing

Iknasoft provides services for testing and certification to confirm the functionality and compliance of the structured cabling system. This entails doing in-depth tests such as network performance evaluations, attenuation measures, and cable continuity checks. We offer assurance that the cabling infrastructure complies with industry requirements and operates at peak efficiency.

 Maintenance and Support

Offering ongoing maintenance and support services, including troubleshooting, repairs, and upgrades to ensure the cabling system's continued performance.

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 Support and Maintenance

The structured cabling system is continuously managed, troubleshot, and maintained as part of our maintenance and support services. This covers routine checks, cable management, required repairs, and upgrades. Through maintenance services, Our professionals keep the network infrastructure in top shape, minimising downtime and enhancing performance

  Voice and Data Integration

Integrating voice and data services within the structured cabling system, enabling seamless communication across the organization.

Structured Voice & Data Network Cabling Solutions

At Iknasoft, we are aware of the importance of having a well-organized company network for growth and productivity. Because it can quickly and easily handle new additions, relocations, or alterations, our structured cabling is exceptionally adaptable.

This makes sure that your company's performance improves, which leads to higher profits. For the competitive market of today, Iknasoft can offer affordable goods and installation services.

Need Structured Cabling Solutions? Contact Iknasoft, We are just a call away!

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