Time Attendance System Installation Company in UAE

Time Attendance System Installation Company in UAE

Time attendance in UAE is crucial for businesses as it ensures punctuality, discipline, and efficient workforce management, allowing employers to maintain productivity, allocate resources effectively, and uphold the culture of professionalism and accountability in the workplace.

Our biometric time attendance system in Dubai has been designed to guarantee accurate attendance records and stop fraudulent activities. This technique deals with the issue of people trying to get help from others to trick standard systems like ID cards and passwords. This biometric technology provides accurate identification by exploiting the distinctive biological traits and behaviors of individuals.

Whereas, our Physical biometric time attendance systems in UAE use a variety of techniques, including DNA analysis, Hand, Fingerprinting, Face recognition, and Iris recognition. Systems for behavioral biometric identification use methods including voice recognition, keystroke dynamics, and signature analysis.

We at Iknasoft take pleasure in being a reputable provider of all types of Time Attendance Systems in Dubai, serving companies of all sizes. Thorough evaluations are performed by our team of experts on variables including employee count and the nature of business operations.

This makes it possible for us to offer unique attendance solutions that are tailored to each organization's particular requirements. A wide range of affordable attendance systems ensures the finest results for businesses in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


Time Attendance Systems in UAE

Organizations can benefit greatly from a time and attendance system by having complete control over the working hours of their employees. These systems are widely used by companies in Dubai to efficiently manage employee attendance. The following list includes a few benefits of implementing our attendance systems:

  • Automates the bookkeeping process to eliminate human error.
  • Uses biometric authentication that cannot be duplicated to prevent buddy punching.
  • Accurate tracking of employee attendance is made possible.
  • Enables monitoring for unauthorized overtime, early departures, and late arrivals.
  • Provides time and cost savings that have a high return on investment.
  • Increases security in work environments.
  • Makes employees more accountable.
  • Payroll computation is streamlined, saving time.
  • Use a Biometric Time Attendance System architecture that is extremely secure.


How Time Attendance System Work?

To fully utilize our system's potential, it is important to understand how it operates. We'll go over the four main stages of our system in the following section, including Data Collection, Data Storing, Data Processing, and Real-Time Report generation.

  • Data Collection: Regardless of location, this involves gathering data in various formats, such as Data arrays, by using Biometric Access.
  • Data Storing: Our Software receives and securely stores the collected data, enabling anytime access while maintaining proper encryption and authentication rules.
  • Data Processing: To the unique requirements of your business, pre-programmed automation processes the data in real-time to generate attendance reports.
  • Real-Time Report: Using valid login credentials, reports can be easily accessed anytime, anywhere, and securely.


Iknasoft is the Best Time Attendance System company in Dubai that provides efficient and reliable solutions for businesses to track employee attendance.


Specifications of Time Attendance System in Dubai

Iknasoft is a company that stands out for its remarkable skills and knowledge, which we are extremely proud of. We stand out from the other competitors because of the wide variety of unique advantages we provide.  Let’s explore our unique benefits and discover why Iknasoft is the ideal partner for meeting your technology needs.

Real-Time Synchronization: Access to Time Attendance data is made simple by real-time synchronization on any PC or Mobile device. Our solution offers a user-friendly interface that allows for easier and more convenient access for users by utilizing a real-time synchronization protocol.

Secured and Encrypted Data: Our dedicated server securely stores all information, including machine raw data and personalized files, because we place a high priority on the security and confidentiality of your data. Only people who have been given authority can access this data since access is carefully regulated and requires correct authorization.

Cost Saving: By switching to a web-based Time Attendance system, time-consuming software installation, as well as associated costs, are eliminated, yielding significant financial savings.

Flexible: Our time attendance system provides versatility across a range of industries, including Manufacturing, Banking, Retail, Trade, Education, and Administration.

Employee Self Login: Our system has an employee self-service function that enables users to log in at any time and check their performance using their credentials.


Top Time Attendance Systems in Dubai

IRIS and fingerprint devices are the biometric time attendance systems most commonly used in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. They are the most preferred type of Time Attendance System in Dubai since it enables efficient tracking and management of employee attendance and working hours. These variations are well known for their accurate monitoring, seamless integration, and heightened productivity.


Iris Recognition Time Attendance (Eye Scanner Biometric)

The Eye Scanner Biometric, commonly known as the Iris Recognition Time Attendance system, uses eye-scanning technology to confirm and identify a person's identity. This technique enables precise identification by measuring the distinctive patterns found within the colored circle of the eye.

IrisID, an Android-based platform, is appropriate for businesses of all sizes and supports a variety of time and attendance applications. It enables the development of new apps by solution providers and software developers and promotes the development of existing applications.

The stability and protection of the iris as an internal organ of the eye are two major benefits of iris recognition. It maintains external visibility, enabling quick and accurate matching while preserving a strong resistance to false matches. The IrisID eye-scanning time attendance system is intended to act as a contemporary time clock for the workforce, offering firms efficient and secure attendance monitoring.

We also offer the most prominent Suprema Biometric Access Control in UAE to offer end-to-end attendance and security control for your business.


Fingerprint Attendance System

Rapid fingerprint recognition is used by the biometric attendance system to quickly record data, which reduces workload and boosts productivity in the HR department. In addition, the fingerprint system works as an access control system, confirming the user's identity and allowing entry to doors. When it comes to preventing unauthorized people from gaining access to the office, this functionality is beneficial.

Individuals are authenticated using a variety of techniques before being allowed access to restricted places. Three common techniques are:

  • Biometric - Fingerprint impressions of the individual employee
  • ID card - The RFID-embedded identity card of the staff member
  • Pin - Specific33 access codes can be given to the employee.


The attendance thumb machine records crucial biometric information about individuals, lowering the possibility of misuse. The employee's fingerprint is first scanned, the employee's coordinates are identified, and the intersection and endpoint of the fingerprint are mapped. This procedure makes it possible to track employee attendance in real time and ensures that working hours are accurately recorded.

This device initially collects and saves fingerprint samples from each employee. Each fingerprint image is linked to the name and details of the matching person. When an employee clocks in or out, their coordinates are validated by comparing them against the fingerprint image and name that is already saved.


Time Attendance Installation in Dubai

Iknasoft works with top companies in the UAE that provide reliable, adaptable, economical, accurate, and adjustable time attendance systems. We begin by conducting a thorough assessment of your premises to determine the optimal placement of biometric or RFID-based time clock devices.

Through the first consultation, We get to understand the organization's specific needs and requirements and will determine the hardware requirements, such as biometric devices, card readers, or facial recognition systems, and recommend suitable software solutions.

Then our system integrators will install the system and set up work shifts, leave types, overtime calculations, and other relevant parameters. In cases where an organization is transitioning from a manual attendance tracking system or different software, Iknasoft experts can assist with data migration.

Furthermore, we customize the time attendance software to align with your organization's policies and workflows, enabling features like shift scheduling, access control, and real-time reporting.


Best IT Solutions in UAE

Iknasoft Dubai, a UAE-based IT company, offers a wide range of time attendance solutions to simplify and elevate your company's employee processes. We specialize in providing customized solutions that match your unique needs with years of experience. The wide range of time and attendance tracking systems enables you to more intelligently and effectively manage employees, ultimately saving you time and money.

If you're seeking customized solutions in Dubai to increase security and safety, Iknasoft is here to help. We provide a comprehensive selection of cutting-edge, excellent time attendance solutions.  Our solutions use a range of methods, including radio frequency tags, websites, remote time clocks, telephone systems, and scanners for fingerprint and iris identification, to dynamically capture employee attendance data. This approach increases overall effectiveness while reducing administrative costs and saving time.