Technology, trends, and marketing strategies are all constantly changing in a dynamic and ever-evolving industry. To prevent yourself from slipping behind while your rivals stay ahead of the arc, it is crucial for your company to keep up with the most recent developments in the market. How can you guarantee that your company is holding up with the trends?

The answer is by incorporating email marketing as your main strategy.

What is Email Marketing?

Emails are a quick way to share company news, announce sales, or re-engage past clients. In essence, email marketing is the use of communication through emails as part of a marketing plan to achieve particular corporate goals.

Emails can be used to increase customer engagement, increase sales, attract fresh clients, spread brand awareness, and promote loyalty to old clients. The target audience, goals, and mode of delivery all play a role in the creation of the most successful email marketing campaigns. 

Numbers don’t lie, a staggering 86% of consumers, as reported by Hubspot, want to frequently get promotional emails from organizations they do business with. Additionally, 73% of millennials enjoy getting emails from businesses, and 40% of B2B marketers believe that email newsletters are an especially important factor in the success of marketing!

Benefits of Email Marketing Services

If you want your company to boost your sales numbers then you can’t ignore how important incorporating email marketing can be. Almost every consumer checks their emails to see updates about companies. Email marketing benefits you as follows:

  1. Increase Sales

Despite being a highly effective marketing tool, email marketing can also significantly increase sales. 59% of marketers believe that email is their primary source of ROI. Additionally, segmented campaign implementers revealed revenue increases of up to 760%.

Email advertising campaigns can promote goods or services, persuade customers to finish their purchases after leaving their carts unattended, or give your customers access to special deals.

  1. Measurable Success Rate

Thanks to the features of the majority of email marketing tools, email marketing provides metrics that are simple to track. After sending your marketing email, you can use these resources to monitor delivery rates, click-through rates, unsubscribe rates, bounce rates, and open rates. 

These statistics help you assess the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns and help you choose which ones to change or drop entirely. Given that they are a crucial component of your online advertising effort as a whole, it is imperative that you pay close attention to these statistics.

  1. Time and Cost Effective

Email marketing campaigns are typically less expensive than conventional campaigns like postal or print advertisements. You won't have to spend money on things like photo shoots, location costs, printers, delivery, or location if you use email marketing. The only people you actually need are a copywriter and a graphic artist, and these two people can even be on the same team.

Email campaigns can also be created quickly. A postal or print campaign takes much longer to produce than an email campaign, which can be made in just one day if necessary.

  1. Increase Brand Awareness

Social media marketing isn’t the only way you can increase brand awareness. You can effortlessly interact with brand ambassadors and reach a larger portion of your target market with email marketing and talk about your latest campaigns, any work done for the local community, new company updates, etc. remember, 99% of people who have email, check their inbox daily, with some doing so 20 times. 58% of customers among the respondents look at their email right away in the morning. There is no better way to go about it than email marketing!

Email Marketing Services 

If you’ve heard email marketing was slowly on the decline, then you are wrong. This powerful marketing tool is not going anywhere anytime soon and that’s why you need to use it to your benefit before it’s too late! Iknasoft aims at providing top-notch email marketing services that can assist companies of all sizes in reaching their target markets, raising brand recognition, and generating sales. 

To develop successful email marketing strategies that interact with customers and produce results, our collective group of experts makes use of the newest tried and tested techniques. Iknasoft has made it simple for companies to develop and roll out effective email campaigns thanks to our low-cost strategy and user-friendly platform. We have the knowledge and tools to support you in achieving your marketing objectives, whether you want to boost sales, improve customer engagement, or market your brand.

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