Iknasoft is a world-renowned cyber security services company that offers major Cyber Security Solutions like Site Audit, Network & Cloud Security, etc.

Ever since Internet technologies evolved, people, as well as organizations, have been hugely affected by cyber-attacks through hackers and malicious software. This is mainly due to a need for more security in terms of data. How do we deal with such cyber attacks? Yes, it is through effective Cyber Security systems. 

Iknasoft is one of the leading companies providing the most effective and quality cyber security services to client companies in the UAE for over a decade. 

We shall discuss the Cyber Security Services in this session. 

What is Cyber Security? 

Cyber Security, also known as IT (Information Technology) security or electronic information security, is the process of protecting computers, servers, mobile devices, networks, and data from harmful attacks. 

Cyber security involves implementing various layers of security and protection against digital attacks on computers, systems, and networks.  Every organization has a framework to handle tested and successful cyber attacks. An ideal framework enables you to identify threats, protect networks and systems, and restore them in case of a successful attack. 

Need For Cyber Security Services Worldwide

Cyber security is essential in every organization as most devices we use are interconnected. With the IoT revolution, implementing Cyber security has become inevitable in threat-prone systems to protect them from fraud attempts, theft detection, loss of important data, mishandling of sensitive information, etc. 

Crucial infrastructures such as hospitals, financial service companies, power plants, etc. handle sensitive data not only of customers but also of themselves. This is where cyber security plays a crucial role in maintaining society's functioning without obstructions.

Here are the key reasons why you need Cyber Security Services:

  • To minimize operational expenses
  • To enhance the growth of the company
  • To ensure compliance with the legal standards
  • To deliver efficient cyber security solutions for better data protection

Our Cyber Security Services

We at Iknasoft never fail to meet the client's expectations! We ensure to fulfill their requirements effectively and efficiently through our team of network and security professionals who are always prompt in answering queries and ensuring the total security of their databases. 

Here are our major Cyber Security Services:

  • Site Audit

We help you determine and analyze the security status of the website or web application. We also help you detect the vulnerabilities and probable security threats violated by attackers. 

Once the site audit is complete, we generate a report, summarizing the findings and suggestions to improve the security of the website. 

  • Network Security

Our security services include preventing computer networks from unauthorized access or an attack. We also conduct a threat assessment to identify gaps within the user network while providing relevant insights.

  • Cloud Security 

Iknasoft enables you to make effective decisions with utmost care and attention, thus working actively with cross-functional teams. 

  • Application Security 

At Iknasoft, we ensure the security of your app both internally and externally. We understand the importance of critical applications that securely perform without interruptions. 

  • Centralized System Security

Our security products provide a safe environment and ensure complete security of information. Iknasoft provides a centralized implementation that enables cost minimization and easier access with enhanced tools to protect the citizens.

  • Server Security 

We protect your business with advanced server security services including anti-virus software, firewalls, etc. Iknasoft’s server security solutions ensure ultimate protection and are maintained by the network operation center, protecting the business and saving costs. 

  • Network Setup and Maintenance 

Newrok maintenance services at Iknasoft include routing, switching, security, and
wireless hardware. We provide extensive support to enhance the life of your network and
thus ensuring better revenue.

  • Server Management

Server management involves server monitoring and maintenance for enhanced performance. The server management at Iknasoft has great control over software, hardware, security, and data backups with effective solutions with minimum server failures and thud fulfilling business goals. 

Procedures for Cyber Security Services 

Organizations are under pressure to communicate cyber security, with cyber attacks increasing frequently. With conventional techniques to prevent system failure, decision-makers must consider constructing an effective cyber defence strategy. 

A multi-layered framework ensures the physical, technical, and managerial controls to minimize the risks of unauthorized data access. 

Cyber Security is ensured through these stages:

1. Detect

Threat detection must be the fundamental step in every defence program on cybersecurity. It is essential to understand the threats so you can implement suitable defences. 

2. Protect

Despite being well-prepared to detect threats, certain attacks could unknowingly enter the initial layer of defence. This occurs if cyber criminals find technical weaknesses not detected by the antimalware software. 

Training and certification ensure enhanced skilled staff who could implement and maintain security measures. 

3. Manage

This layer or phase describes cyber security as a continuous process rather than a set of regular solutions. 

The management phase is defined by the way an organization manages cyber security risks as a part of its operations. 

4. Respond

Response Management is part of a broader business community management, that helps
you place the plans rightly to cover most types of unexpected interruptions, ranging from
cyber security incidents to natural disasters, from power failures to pandemics.

5. Recover

This final phase of security describes the outcome of a data breach. With Cyber insurance, you can ensure peace of mind with coverage whenever required and help them return to business as soon as possible.

Cyber Security Services at Iknasoft

With the best cyber security services at Iknasoft, you need not worry anymore about data or networks in your organization. Our team ensures the safety and security of your most sensitive data through the cybersecurity phases and protect them from unauthorized access by hackers and prevents phishing on official emails. 

Our team is highly qualified and knowledgeable and has significant expertise in identifying threats, evaluating threat intelligence, creating multi-layered security systems, as well as a personalized digital shield, and most importantly keeping clients updated on the weekly or monthly security report. 

Our cyber security team is always at your service 24x7. Call us for any help!

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