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Iknasoft is a top-notch web hosting service provider offering reliable hosting solutions with exceptional result-driven performance, security, and support.

Find the best web hosting services for your business from Iknasoft Web Hosting Companies to get fast and reliable service to manage your business online.


Iknasoft web hosting companies are dedicated to providing professional, low-cost & ethical web hosting services that make a difference withinside the surroundings and in people`s lives and communities. Need excellent web hosting.

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Colocating Hosting

Enables to provide optimum performance, adaptability, connectivity, and reliability

Dedicated Server

From basic hosting options with a control panel to complex and customized requirements, Gen-Next, high-performance Windows servers for all the hosting needs.

Virtual Private Server

Enables reducing carbon presence without losing efficiency.

Shared Hosting

Addresses the requirements for small and medium-sized organizations irrespective of the volume of operation with the hosted environment for application deployment.

Unleashing The Most Effective Hosting Solution

Web Hosting Services
  High-quality and uncompromised solutions

We have been providing the best quality and uncompromised hosting solutions for our client businesses. This includes the right hosting plan with robust and effective servers at affordable prices, and these services have made us one of the best hosting companies.

  24/7 Support

With great management and timely customer support, we are on the hit list of the best hosting solution companies. We help you choose the ideal hosting solution for your business and provide 24/7 support for any kind of issues you have trouble with.

Web Hosting Companies
  Reliable hosting solution

We at Iknasoft have professionals who dedicatedly manage your website and hence you need not take all the trouble. Choosing a reliable web hosting solution like ours would be really beneficial to your business, as we provide certain advantages such as better performance, protection from threats, and Enhanced web traffic.

  Extra benefits

You might have enquired about other hosting solution providers in the city. Finally, you have come to us as you believe in the best! Our services provide other unique benefits that you might not have found in other providers to date. We provide 10x faster servers, highly reliable services, free consultation, and most importantly technical support…anytime anywhere.

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