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Iknasoft is the leading Mobile App Development Services Company that offers all kinds of iOS & Android mobile apps with creative Ux/UI design services.

As digitalization is the want of the time for the growing business world, on the equal time each company needs to set up their marketplace value on this digital Era. Hence Mobile Application gives a platform to the organization wherein they could provide services on a simple “click”. If your application isn't user friendly and hard to access then you need to go to a professional mobile app development services. iknasoft will make matters smooth for you!


Your clients need access on your business anytime, anywhere…

Iknasoft top-notch mobile app development company will make certain they could. We are pushing the limits of what`s viable on mobile through growing transformative mobile experiences that remedy business challenges for clients starting from massive organizations to innovative startups and innovative entrepreneurs. With in-intensity know-how of local iOS, Android and cross-platform application development, we make certain that your concept is converted into a superbly designed, user-friendly and engaging mobile solution of a superior quality.

Corporate Profile Designing

Native iOS mobile app development

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Native Android mobile app development

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Cross-Platform mobile solutions

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Responsive HTML5 mobile applications

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Hybrid app development

As a full-cycle mobile application development company, we provide:

Corporate Profile Designing

Research, Discovery and Strategy services

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UX/UI Design

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Rapid Prototyping and Proof-of-Concept applications

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Greenfield mobile app development

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Mobile application migration and optimization

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Legacy application modernization

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Quality assurance, Testing and test Automation

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Maintenance and Support


Technologies we use


The app development process is converted with the aid of using Flutter. From a unmarried codebase, create, test, and post beautiful mobile, internet, desktop, and embedded apps.

 Appache Cordova

Apache Cordova is an open source framework that lets in web developers to create local packages for some of mobile platforms using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript content.


Jetpack is a set-up of libraries to help engineers with following prescribed procedures, decrease popular code, and compose code that works reliably throughout Android versions and devices so designers can zero in at the code they care about.


Ionic is an open-supply UI toolkit for growing excessive-performing, top notch mobile apps, desktop apps, and revolutionary internet apps making use of internet technology like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

 Appache Cordova

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Xamarin is a Microsoft-owned software program organization primarily based totally in San Francisco that became released in May 2011 with the aid of using the Mono team. Xamarin and Android. iOS, which might be cross-platform Common Language implementations.

A Strong Back-Bone

We make your spending pressure exempt which will maintain terrific constraints.

Java is an object-orientated programming language with a high stage of abstraction and as few implementation dependencies as possible.

Objective C

Smalltalk-fashion messaging is brought to the C programming language in Objective-C, making it a general-motive, object-orientated programming language.


Dart is a client-side programming language this is open-source. It`s easy to learn, reliable, and capable of Build high-performance applications.


C# is a multi-paradigm, general-motive programming language. Static typing, sturdy typing, lexically scoped, imperative, declarative, functional, generic, object-orientated, and component-orientated programming are all protected with the aid of using the C# programming language.


Swift is a powerful and simple programming language for iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS. Swift code is interactive and exciting to write; the syntax is straightforward but expressive, and Swift carries cutting-edge features that builders appreciate. Swift code is designed to be stable even as concurrently generating software program that runs quickly.


Kotlin is a kind-inferred, cross-platform, statically typed general-motive programming language. Although Kotlin is designed to paintings seamlessly with Java, and the JVM version of the standard library relies at the Java Class Library, kind inference lets in for greater concise syntax.

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