Iknasoft is the top IT services agency that offers ERP & CRM services to help you manage projects and responsibilities effectively through databases. 

Our ERP & CRM services help you manage projects, responsibilities and engagements extra effectively through the database. Get services to boost business.

ERP & CRM services solutions Are you trying to make an alternate to enhance your Total business? Eventually, you need to improve carrier transport through measuring and studying your enterprise performance, differentiating your offerings based on profit potential. ERP for service industries can help you manage projects, responsibilities and engagements extra effectively. Contact Now.

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Odoo may be a collection of trade management software gadgets counting, for case, CRM, e-trade, charging, bookkeeping, fabricating, stockroom, task management, and inventory management.


HTML (Hypertext Markup Dialect) is the code that`s applied to shape an internet web page and its substance. For example, substance is probably prepared interior a hard and fast of sections, a listing of bulleted focuses, or utilizing pix and facts tables.


CSS is the acronym of “Cascading Fashion Sheets”. CSS may be a pc dialect for laying out and organizing internet pages (HTML or XML). This dialect incorporates coding additives and consists of these “cascading style sheets” which might be further referred to as CSS records (. css).


JavaScript is high-degree, frequently just-in-time compiled and multi-paradigm. It has lively writing, prototype-primarily based totally object-orientation and satisfactory capacities. Nearby HTML and CSS, JavaScript is one of the middle improvements of the World Wide Web.


The Extensible Markup Dialect (XML) may be a simple text-primarily based totally set up for talking to prepared data: reports, facts, arrangement, books, exchanges, solicitations, and lots extra. It became decided from an extra pro widespread set up referred to as SGML (ISO 8879), in set up to be extra affordable for Web make use of.


API stands for Application Programming Interface and can be a software intermediary that allows packages to communicate with each other. Every time you borrow an app like Facebook, every time you send a second message or check the weather on your phone, you're using the API.

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With Smart User Interface (UI) makes your internet site now no longer most effective attractive, however additionally makes it easy to use.

Django Framework

Design and maintain the website such that it stays secure, up to-date and maintains its meant function.



We make your spending pressure exempt if you want to keep extraordinary constraints.


PostgreSQL is an advanced object-relational database management framework that underpins an increased subset of the SQL widespread, counting exchanges, faraway keys, subqueries, triggers, user-described kinds and capacities.

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