The majority of business owners recognize the value of taking calculated risks, particularly early on. Something they will always caution you against is jeopardizing the security and safeguarding of your company's assets. Every company needs to make an investment in security services to guarantee the long-term health and protection of these sensitive assets. That’s why expert companies specializing in server security provide powerful servers that offer users on a specific network that can store confidential information that cybercriminals can target ensuring the safeguard of critical data you wouldn’t want to get out.

Why Server Security Services Are So Important?

  • The main goal of server security is to safeguard the data and resources stored on the servers. It includes methods and tools for avoiding breaches, hacking, and other malicious behavior.
  • As a result of the constant discovery and exploitation of software flaws by cybercriminals, operating an outdated version drastically increases the likelihood of contact.
  • Many hackers and cybercriminals constantly profit by using known vulnerabilities in servers.
  • Server security automatically stops relaying malicious emails
  • It prevents the download of malware from shady websites
  • It restricts access to unsecured or blacklisted services or sites

Types of Server Security Services We Offer

Comprehensive server hardening:

We make sure no leaf is unturned. From file system safety to user account security, we protect account information by implementing secure user access regulations and using strong passwords that run out on a regular basis.

By establishing SSL/TLS in all server services, we prevent hackers from snooping on user information and login credentials. Another way we thwart sniffing attacks is by using strong authentication protocols like Kerberos.

Secure web servers

We set up malware detectors and Web application firewalls (WAFs) to stop such attacks. Signature databases are utilized to prevent all popular attacks, and all recognized attack patterns are instantly obstructed.

Customized Security Servers

We limit web operations to only those that are necessary by using customized security rules, such as mod-security. Real-time scanning is done on all uploads and processes to identify and stop any malicious ones.

Hardening database servers

A key component of database server security is limiting user privileges and safely maintaining databases and backups. Other essential components include requiring strong passwords and limiting connections.

An element of our server security services is also securing other important server services like DNS, SMTP, SSH, SSL, POP/IMAP, Remote Desktop, FTP, etc.

Software upgrades

Because outdated software is the most common way for attackers to gain entry to a server, it is essential to remain up to date.

To find out-of-date software and update it quickly and with no interruptions, we run routine software version examines and configure update notifications. We immediately address any vulnerability as soon as it is made public with the aid of security patches. Our server security specialists are always on the lookout for these exploits, so they subscribe to all of the substantial security channels.

OS security adjustment

To avert disaster, our specialists will install security at the Operating System level and adjusting security parameters in operating services to avoid application security shortcomings

How do we do it?

To make sure the entire server applications have been upgraded, any bugs are patched, out-of-date application software gets taken care of, etc., and we conduct constant server audits. To prevent any attack or downtime, we quickly analyse all critical server incidents and signals and take appropriate action. Hackers find ways to change their styles, so we frequently understand any malicious activity by reviewing the user's access log and important server logs. We verify that the server defences can withstand new types of attacks as stated in security channels through performing backup restore exams, performance tests, security tests, etc.

Why iknasoft- Major Significance of Our Services

You can always stop a security attack from happening to your servers by using professional server security services. Iknasoft aids server owners in guarding against various complex vulnerabilities the digital world poses to them.

We employ proprietary technology to keep an eye on your network traffic for any egregious malicious activity. Iknasoft continuously supports customers in managing all threats and incidents that can be identified with the help of our advanced safety platform. We tackle third-party firewall technologies holistically. We assist businesses in increasing their effectiveness, whether it be through incident or event monitoring. Without worrying about server issues, our clients can concentrate on their core competencies of business!


Q: What are the typical server security flaws?

Ans: Weak passwords, out-of-date software or firmware, improperly configured controls for access, an absence of regular security patches, unfixed flaws, insecure network connections, and poor monitoring and logging procedures are examples of common server security holes.

Q: How frequently should server security audits be performed?

Ans: Consistent server security audits must be performed, ideally a minimum of once a year. However, if there are major shifts to the server setting, such as software updates, infrastructure growth, or security breaches, they should be performed more frequently. Regular audits support vulnerability identification, compliance evaluation, and security control effectiveness verification.

Q: How can an emergency response be aided by server security services?

Ans: We can provide rapid response and rehabilitation, forensic evaluation, and help in re-establishing server functionality while minimizing the effect on the organization during an attack on security, such as an invasion of privacy or attempted hacking.

Q: Can real-time alerts be provided by server security services?

Yes, real-time monitoring capabilities are frequently offered by Iknasoft, which continuously scans server logs, network activity, and system behaviour for any indications of safety hazards or irregularities. Administrators or security specialists get alerts and notifications, enabling immediate action and prevention of potential dangers.

Q: How are data backups and recovery handled by server security services?

Ans: Data backup and disaster recovery tools are frequently provided as part of server security services by Iknasoft. To guarantee the confidentiality and availability of server data, periodic backups are made. For additional backup we also incorporate cloud-based backup services or off-site storage.

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