Iknasoft provides comprehensive brand guidelines services to help you establish a strong brand for your business with the best Brand Style Guide services.  We'll help you establish a brand that sets you apart from the competition and builds trust with your customers.

Maintaining consistency when building a memorable and dynamic brand for a business is essential. Observe the most popular companies across the globe and realize how quickly you can recognize them! A glance at the ‘Swoosh’ and you instantly say, Nike! Similarly, a bitten apple symbolizes Apple. 

These companies are stuck in your mind and brain, and the core reason that sticks to people’s minds is the strong brand guidelines. However, the brand guidelines are far beyond just a logo or an icon. It is in their colors, images, fonts, and most importantly the feeling when you see the ad.

This session discusses the brand guidelines for businesses.

What are Brand Guidelines Services?

Brand guidelines services, also known as brand style guides or brand manuals, are well-defined rules and standards that convey how to represent a brand to the world. They help businesses ensure consistency and establish what company it is, what it does, and what are its goals. 

Brand guidelines are more like a ‘rulebook’ that revolves around the total look and feel of the brand identity. Brand guidelines serve as a reference for anyone who works with a brand, including employees, partners, and contractors, to ensure consistency and coherence across all communication channels. They also help to maintain the brand's identity and reputation by establishing clear and consistent messaging.

Here are the key points to be included in the brand guidelines:

  • Brief information about the brand’s history, goals, values, and vision
  • Instructions on using logos- such as color patterns, file formats, size- minimum or maximum, framework, spacing, and usage permissions- where it should and should not appear
  • Color patterns- RGB & CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) codes
  • Fonts and size of texts (print and digital)
  • Voice tones and grammar rules 
  • Elements to design and types of images, icons, and photos to be used
  • Business cards and letterhead designs

The initial impressions of your brand on the consumers are created based on how your brand is expressed. 

Creating a unified, consistent brand involves the following:

  • Building brand equity- popular brands are more frequently considered valuable
  • Contributing to brand awareness- consistent and identifiable brands are remembered forever 
  • Increasing customer engagement- customers prefer brands that they know well, to the ones they are not much aware of

Why Brand Guidelines are important for Businesses?

Brand guidelines are important for businesses in the UAE because they help them create a consistent and unique identity. Consistency means that everything related to the brand, like its logo, colors, fonts, and language, looks and sounds the same across all platforms.

Unique identity means that the brand stands out from other brands by having a style and personality that is different and attractive to its target audience. Just like a person can wear a certain outfit or hairstyle to show their personality, a brand can use its visual and verbal elements to express its personality and values. As a leading branding agency, Iknasoft helps you make your brand more elegant. 

Here are the factors why your business needs brand guidelines:

Brand Recognition

Let your audience or the customer recollect your brand through consistent branding. The brand guidelines design at Iknasoft helps the customers recognize your brand instantly.

Brand Consistency

Showcase your brand’s true values and mission vision. The brand guideline design has set a standard that is ideal and compatible with your brand’s vision

Universal Message

You can organize graphics, content, and web design to ensure stability in the message. This requires a branding guide that combines the tone and the image. Iknasoft helps in creating effective brand guidelines that help your team maintain a universal message. 

Setting Basic Rules

Exhibit the ethics of your brand with the basic rules that your business always follows. At Iknasoft, we combine these rules across most communications and designs created for your brand.

Procedure to Create Brand Guidelines

With great brand guidelines, we can ensure consistency when a business or a company has various departments, partners, or agencies producing branded assets. Brand guidelines also enable you to easily communicate the brand requirements to grow your business, 

Let us look at the process to create effective brand guidelines:

1. Create a captivating brand story

A fascinating and effective brand story results in a great brand. Not familiar with this term- Brand Story? A brand story describes the aspects that are the most important to the company. You can communicate the company’s values to the audience and also make major decisions within the organization. 

Brand stories are unique for every company although the key thread that connects them all summarizes the company’s vision, mission, and core values into a single package. 

2. Use the logo guidelines to create an identifiable brand signature

Besides a brand story, your logo also plays a vital role in branding. A logo is something that makes the audience instantly recognize your brand, as Yours! For instant recognition or identity, a logo must be consistently used. Most top brand guidelines summarize the rules about how it should be used, ensuring nobody conveys a wrong message with the brand. 

3. Define the brand color guidelines

Earlier, the color patterns were simpler. You just had to choose one or two colors that matched your logo. However, the ideas evolved dynamically. Companies now use various color patterns to add relevance to their brand communications. 

To improve brand recognition, it is important to make basic brand colors popular and consistent.  It’s ideal to make your core brand colors very clear. Remember to include the relevant hex codes, RGB values, and CMYK color codes to ensure that the colors are presented consistently across media. 

4. Summarize the usage of brand fonts

Typography is a major aspect that is often ignored if it is done properly but shows out if it is not! Enabling font choices to be hidden, could make your brand lose its value. To improve the brand experience, use effective brand guidelines to ensure the consistent usage of typography across the resources. 

5. Illuminate your brand voice

The importance of a consistent brand voice in the message should not be underestimated. You need to find a style that complements your audience and is compatible with the brand identity. Once the brand voice is identified, ensure that it is spread across the channels by conveying it in your brand guideline. 

6. Include images and data in the guidelines

In the last phase, we discuss the images- style, color, and content contributing to the conception of the brand. You need to create guidelines for the imagery (pictures, illustrations, charts, etc) to be included in the brand guideline. 

When you use photos frequently in your branding, your brand guideline should mention the level of difficulty, color patterns, styles, and relevant technical specifications that make the photo suitable for the brand. If the branding includes infographics or data visualizations (which is mandatory), remember to have some unique guidelines for them as well.

Mention when and where to include infographics and data visualizations, and add style preferences and technical conventions.

Best Brand Guidelines Agency

At Iknasoft, we understand the importance of creating a strong and consistent brand for your business in the UAE.  That's why we have brand guidelines agency to help you establish a clear and compelling brand. If your company is working on rebranding, we provide unique brand guidelines to ensure consistency and reliability with the visual identity of your brand.

Need help with Brand Guidelines Services for your business? Contact Iknasoft for a better brand identity and more popularity!

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