Video Marketing Services

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Our video marketing services create and promote business videos online to optimize your website's SEO, customer engagement, and social media.

We often see advertisements with video content that would stream online when browsing through various websites. Placing such creative content in video format brings more traffic. Iknasoft provides Video Marketing services to enhance traffic on your website.

We serve you this way!

  Branded Videos

This is one of the most effective ways of new-age advertising, and when you execute them, they are loved by the brands as well as the audience. It provides a great sense of fun and entertainment without bringing the feel of watching an ad or a sales pitch. Our dedicated team creates effective content with branded videos to attract the target audience and convert them into leads. Video Content is the ideal way of storytelling in the marketing industry and we have experts who design branded videos to convert the audience into loyal clients who turn out to be brand ambassadors.

  Social Media Videos

Social media networks are the most preferred places to consume videos. Being the most engaging form of content, social media videos are promoted on various platforms. The video creators at Iknasoft help you to be on track and stay ahead.Iknasoft provides complete social media services which include video production to capture the brand and arranges it into video clips for various social media platforms.

  Event Coverage

As a service provider, we promise to deliver the complete video coverage of the events to make every moment special! From recordings to LIVE videos, we make sure your event gets the maximum views and make it an important source of valuable content.

Video Marketing Services
  Corporate video production

Corporate videos have dynamically evolved since the 90s, to be more entertaining, engaging and educational. These types of video content are not just about the corporate leaders, but more strategic in executing and designing, reaching new audiences and converting them to loyal clients. The Iknasoft team has video marketing experts who create professional corporate videos to share brand messages. From introductory videos to training and safety content, promotional videos, announcements, Iknasoft provides a wide range of video marketing services for corporates.

  Shoppable Video Content

There are increasing opportunities for the brands to expose their products through video content, which are then converted to directly shoppable clips placed strategically on a website or social media platforms.Iknasoft has a team of experts that creates videos of the related products with a goal of embedding direct shopping for the users, thus getting better sales.

  Interactive Videos

At Iknasoft, we create dynamic interactive videos that urges the audience to engage with the brand, thus enabling you to have a conversation based on their interests. For instance, if you wish to create the best user-experience and get more conversions, interactive video is the most effective strategy you have been waiting for!

Video Marketing Services

The New Outlook for Creating Content

Our clients are aware about the services offered, right from setting the strategy to production and marketing. Without these your videos would go unnoticed in the chaos! We aim to plan, create, and share the content that is seen and carries out its purpose.

We at Iknasoft create videos that have a deep purpose, clarity in communication, and finally the end product that corresponds to the audience and improves engagement. Hence, videos turn out to be a valuable asset for the content collection of the business, how the audience likes it and the space you created in the digital world, since the search engines support such content.

Video Advertising
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