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Boost your rankings with the help of technical SEO agency.

We are a company in Dubai that specialises in on-site technical SEO for websites of all sizes. We'll work with you to raise keyword rankings as well as the crawling and indexing of your website. We provide the best technical SEO knowledge in the market. With a variety of technical SEO issues, our cutting-edge technologies and seasoned technical team can support you.

What are technical SEO services?

The goal of technical SEO services is to make your website more technically sound so that Googlebot can better crawl it and users can navigate it with ease.

With the use of technical SEO services, you may improve your organic search results and accomplish a number of business objectives, including Increasing organic traffic, Improving search presence, Increasing customer conversions, and more.

Our Comprehensive Technical SEO Solutions

To find any technical problems, crawl mistakes, pointless redirects, broken pages, page speed issues, or other site flaws, we first conduct a site audit. Everything about a website is covered, from the way URLs are organised to the use of robots.txt files and everything in between.

With the help of our technical SEO audits, you'll obtain a thorough evaluation of the functionality of your website along with a list of priorities for its improvement. We collaborate closely so that nothing is left undone, and we provide free support to both internal teams and development engineers who need assistance putting these changes into practise.

On-Site Improvement

The majority of the time, small changes to technical SEO can have a significant impact on the SEO results. The unseen HTML code and HTML tags on your web pages are also included in on-site optimisation, in addition to the visible content of your website. This covers both the particular programming languages, such JavaScript, as well as on-page components like page titles, meta descriptions, rel canonical tags, URL structure, and coding style.

These on-page components, which come under technical SEO, are crucial for raising your search engine rating. In order to ensure that your website is optimised to rank for the keywords that will bring you the most valuable hits, our SEO Experts will make sure to help you optimise these technical components of your website.

Sitemaps and Crawlability

How are the most crucial pages on your website identified by search engines? A sitemap functions as a map for websites, locating them and informing search engines of their existence. Our cutting-edge SEO techniques make sure that these highways are kept open.

We help you make better use of your crawl budget and ensure that the most important areas of your website are accessible to search engines. We develop a sitemap that determines which pages on our website tell Google specifically what is happening on them and help optimise it so they may rank better in search engine results pages (SERPs)!

Optimisation of Site Speed

Even if your website is well optimised for SEO, it won't rank well if it is poorly functioning, slow, and difficult for users to use. Our team of technical SEO professionals may do a speed test to see how you compare to the competition. We can then make improvements to your website's performance so that it and all of its contents rank higher on Google. 

Customers will be less inclined to abandon a website at the first sign of difficulty or displeasure with what is presented on an online page as a result of accelerated user access and improved overall experience. The final outcome? Customers who stay longer because things function better than anticipated increase traffic!

Markup for Structured Data

In order to increase your chances of appearing higher in search engine results, structured data markup is a standardised code that makes it simpler for Google engine crawlers to crawl and organise the material of your website structured data markup enables you to give users rich results while also giving your web pages a stylish touch.

The technical professionals at PageTraffic are adept at adopting the most recent markup kinds, which will make your search results even more memorable to users. Web developers with knowledge of structured data can apply, however doing so requires knowledge of SEO best practises.

Image Enhancement

Since it is easier for people to absorb and read visual content, it comes as no surprise that people prefer it. Nobody likes to read text all the time! The best user experience and SEO depend on optimised images. Because of this, it can be quite damaging if Google treats the photos on your website as though they aren't optimised. Our SEO specialists will ensure that your pictures are optimised for both Google and users.

Benefits of Technical SEO for your website

The key benefit of an SEO-optimized website is its greater ability to generate relevant organic traffic.

However, a website that ranks well in search engines and was created utilising SEO best practises offers a number of additional benefits to the client and the client's customers.

  • Increased Organic Traffic
  • A successful user experience
  • Increased conversion rate
  • Increase the search exposure of your website
  • Avoid any technical SEO problems.
  • Increase your income

The Need For A Technical SEO Agency In Dubai For Your Brand

Google's crawlers are still robots even if they are growing better at interpreting page content. This shows that enhancing your website's technical aspects is crucial to improve its search engine ranking. Technical optimisations help the major search engine bots efficiently crawl and index your website, giving it a competitive advantage.

Additionally, technical SEO helps Google determine how topically relevant your material is to users' search queries, which raises the position of your web pages in more pertinent keyword searches. In order to outrank your rivals in organic search, PageTraffic's technical SEO experts will make sure that your website has every technical advantage imaginable, including mobile friendliness and markup.

Our Dubai Technical SEO Consultants Can Assist With Any CMS

As part of our routine SEO work, we don't just cross items off a "technical SEO checklist." We are aware that any good SEO campaign must include technical search engine optimisation. As a result, PageTraffic develops customised technical SEO plans that place a strong emphasis on your site's technical features.

When it comes to Content Management Systems, PageTraffic Technical SEO Specialists in Dubai have encountered every scenario. Whether you're using WordPress or a custom code, we'll assist in making the technical adjustments your site requires to rank higher.


Technical SEO FAQ's

1. What is technical SEO so crucial?

The process of optimising a website's infrastructure and architecture for search engines is known as technical SEO. It puts an emphasis on enhancing variables including page load time, crawlability, indexability, and more. Any site that wants to rank highly in search engines must implement technical SEO, which can be a difficult and complicated procedure.

2. What is a technical SEO audit?

In order to increase a website's ranking in search results, a technical SEO audit looks for potential areas for improvement. Typical audit topics include website structure, crawling and indexing, link authority, on-page optimisation, and technical problems.

3. How much time does a technical SEO audit require?

Depending on the size and complexity of the website, it may take a few weeks to a month.

4. What are some technical SEO examples?

Technical SEO techniques include things like making your website more user-friendly for search engine crawlers, making sure your website is accurately indexed, and reducing load times.

5. What distinguishes technical SEO from on-page SEO?

On-page SEO, which includes content and meta adjustments, is the process of optimising individual web pages so they rank better and draw more traffic from search engines. The practise of making sure a website's technical foundation is optimised to drive more organic search traffic is known as technical SEO, on the other hand. This entails enhancing site speed, putting schema markup into place, and correcting bugs that can prevent a site crawl.

Connect with our skilled technical SEO experts at Iknasoft to explore the world of technical SEO and understand its vital role in boosting your business. Schedule a consultation now and take the first step towards digital excellence!


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