Business Services

Iknasoft is one of the best corporate business services provider companies that offer all types of business solutions including ERP & CRM solutions, etc. We make your spending pressure exempt which will maintain terrific constraints


ERP & CRM Solutions

Delivering established techniques and best-in-industry approaches to enable automation and understanding of business processes with reporting, for better decision-making.


Retail POS

Ensuring transparency, visibility, and control over business growth- Also saves time and money by unifying POS, stock management, customer experience and more.


Mobile Applications

Creating and designing dynamic mobile applications; enabling automation & manual testing via test engineers by testing the softwares and report bgs or issues.


Hosting Solutions

Creating robust and adaptable platform to turn up the sites eventually, and ensuring the compatibility and strength of your site with the business.


Security Solutions

Helping businesses by protecting the digital assets from hazardous hackers- Providing robust security services through unsurpassable security systems.

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