Iknasoft IT Security Services provides the foremost network, firewall and server security to protect you from cyber threats and ensure data security.

IT Security Audit

Our IT Security Audit examines the management finding the flaws within data centers, servers, network infrastructure components and application security. IT audit is an examination of the management controls within an Information technology infrastructure and business applications.

Auditing information security is a vital part of any IT security and is often understood to be the primary purpose of an IT Audit. The broad scope of auditing information security includes such topics as data centers (the physical security of data centers and the logical security of databases, servers and network infrastructure components), networks and application security.

Like most technical realms, these topics are always evolving; IT auditors must constantly continue to expand their knowledge and understanding of the systems and environment& pursuit in the system company.

IT Security Services

In an ever-changing information technology world, IT and financial reporting are becoming increasingly complex as there is a greater reliance on the IT systems and processes. Attention is required on the design and operation of controls which helps the management to have accurate, reliable information for financial reporting and decision-making process.

There is a need for greater emphasis on system controls and a requirement for independent assurance on the design and operating effectiveness of internal controls. Our assurance team helps you to evaluate the controls surrounding your financial reporting process in alignment with your business process and IT controls with services such as:

A comprehensive information system audit

IT general control reviews

ERP applications reviews focusing on financial reporting

Pre and post implementation reviews

CAAT (Computer Assisted Audit Techniques)

Our Services

Iknasoft has provided IT Risk Assurance services for years...!!

Our experts will take up a complete and rigorous audit procedure through Audit tools and techniques and will give you an Assurance that the IT of the business is in a sound position.

The Experts from Iknasoft can also establish a whole IT procedure and risk management methodology and it will give the management an assurance and a relaxation that there is no significant risk in the IT and the management can focus on other important aspects and facets of business.

Our Services
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