Biometric and Time Attendance System in Dubai offers a safe and effective means to monitor employee attendance, guaranteeing the accuracy of records and avoiding time theft or buddy punching in UAE. In order to track and record people's attendance in diverse circumstances, it integrates biometric identification techniques with time-tracking capabilities.

Iknasoft’s biometric time and attendance solution not only improves worker security but also secures the workspace and protects a company's sensitive data. We are the best time attendance system installation company in UAE to provide protected access control and authorization by monitoring and preserving every hand's admissions and exits.

Biometric And Time Attendance in UAE

For organizations and groups to effectively manage and cover their pool, a biometric and time attendance system is a crucial tool. Businesses may save a lot of time and money by establishing a biometric and time-attendance system. Associations can keep precise records of hand attendance using a biometric and time attendance system, which can be utilized for audits and compliance requirements.

Other HR systems, including payroll, leave management, and access control systems, can be combined with biometric and time attendance systems. Biometric characteristics are exclusive to individuals, making it very difficult to falsify or modify attendance data.

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Biometric and Time Attendance System in Dubai


Biometric Authentication

We use individuals' distinctive physiological or behavioral traits to confirm their identification. Point recognition, face recognition, iris scanning, fingerprint recognition, and voice recognition are examples of common biometric modalities. The biometric information of employees is registered and safely kept in a database.

Time Monitoring

We keep track of the moments when a person enters and exits a certain location, much like a plant. It may be connected with standalone attendance monitoring systems or timekeeping applications.

Real-time surveillance

Since the technology offers real-time monitoring, we can easily manage attendance, see timepiece heft/eschewal data, and generate reports. This idea promotes prompt decision-making and guarantees adherence to attendance policies.


The system should use strong encryption techniques and adhere to sequestration laws to protect sensitive biometric data. To aid in reverse engineering, biometric templates derived from the recorded data are often maintained in a protected manner.


The ability to integrate with other payroll or HR systems makes the attendance management process more efficient. In order to enable proper computation of earnings, leaves, and over time, the system may automatically sync attendance data with payroll software.


Detailed information on attendance trends, absenteeism, late arrivals, and early departures are produced by biometric and time attendance systems. These reports support management's ability to recognize patterns, gauge worker productivity, and reach wise choices.

Biometric and Time Attendance System Installation in UAE

We offer a biometric attendance system that uses a worker's fingerprint to allow them to clock in and out of their job. We scan and map out each employee's fingerprint using a variety of predetermined locations.

Being plotted against a graph, these coordinates are then recorded in the system. Every time a worker inserts their finger, the coordinates are mapped, and compared against the prior picture, and only if there is a match is the entry timed.

We may map numerous different coordinates from a single fingertip, and the most astonishing feature is that each of these coordinates is distinct and cannot be duplicated from another fingerprint. This makes it very difficult to reproduce a fingertip.

System administrators or HR staff are in charge of the biometric and timekeeping system. They manage user access rights, system settings, and operations like adding or dismissing personnel from the system.

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Time Attendance System in UAE

We offer a dependable and precise system for monitoring staff attendance. As a renowned IT Company in Dubai, We dedicatively work to eliminate the possibility of fraudulent activities by making sure the individual clocking in or out is indeed the authorized employee. We also have other prominent security measures for your enterprises including,

  1. CCTV Camera Installation
  2. Access Control
  3. ELV Systems

We confirm the employee's identification, making it challenging for anybody to alter or fabricate attendance records. We streamline the whole process of calculating employee compensation, overtime, and leave thanks to our integration with payroll and HR systems. We encourage productivity, better security, fairness, and accurate record-keeping in businesses. Contact Iknasoft UAE Now!

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