Main Elements of a Brand Identity Design

Main Elements of a Brand Identity Design

In this article, you will learn Why brand identity is Important in a Business & learn the 7 elements of brand identity design that will increase productivity.

As your personal identity makes you unique, a brand identity makes your business stand out. A brand identity is an essence that takes your business across the globe. 

What is Brand identity? How is it related to design? How to create a strong brand identity that enables you to grow your business? 

This session discusses key elements of brand identity design

What is Brand Identity in Design?

Brand Identity is a collection of essential elements created to showcase an ideal image to its consumer or audience. 

However, brand identity is different from “branding” and “brand image”, although the terms are interchangeable. Branding is the marketing technique of effectively shaping a unique brand. The brand is the concept of the company from the world’s viewpoint. 

The brand identity you designed for your business makes you immediately recognizable to the customers. Your audience relates your brand identity with a product or service, and this brand identity connects you with the customers, enhancing customer loyalty, and evaluating customers’ perception of your brand. 

Branding, Identity design, and logo- The Difference 

Certain business magazines or websites have terms such as branding, logo design, corporate identity, brand identity, etc. spread across. These terms cover the same concept, yet use it in various contexts, so they confuse the readers! 


A brand is what comes to their mind when they see your company’s name! This is the reputation you gain and is affected by the values, products, marketing strategies, and customer service. “Branding” is the attempt to influence the conception. 


A brand identity is the subset of the brand, and the keyword is Identity. The tangible elements you see when you communicate with the company make an identity design:

  • Logo
  • Colors
  • Fonts
  • Taglines
  • Style of photography
  • Demonstrating style
  • Pattern
  • Icon
  • Messaging


A logo is a symbol representing a company. Out of all the sections making your brand identity, a logo is the most recognized point. 

Why is Brand Identity Important in a Business?

A reputed and strong brand helps a business be more successful, which makes a brand identity important. 

When creating a brand identity, you apply the brand values to the visual elements used to improve your business, which means that the brand identity is beyond just a logo, comprising various marketing components. 

Creating an organized and professional brand identity is an integral part of an effective branding plan. Creating a brand identity needs research and consideration to develop a style meeting the business goals and gives an ideal message. In creating a brand identity, many companies provide guidelines on how a brand should be represented in different ways for consistency. 

Here are the key points of why brand identity is important:

  1. Personality: A brand identity is a visual demonstration of the values and “personality’ of a brand. Design for a brand identity creates a tone of the brand and is used to stimulate certain feelings in the audience. A brand identity is designed to communicate a company’s message and enhance business goals.
  2. Consistency: Creating a brand identity enables consistency in messaging across marketing materials. Every piece should have the fundamental styles and design features, creating an organized brand package.
  3. Differentiation: Brand identity enables differentiation of the business from the competition and rightly positions the brand. Developing a professional, innovative identity design enables one to stand out to the potential audience in the market. 
  4. Awareness: The brand identity package ensures that the brand is leading all the marketing materials, to help increase brand awareness. 
  5. Loyalty: A dynamic brand identity help to build customer loyalty and trust in the brand, since it enables customers to connect between the product and the company.

Essential Elements of Brand Identity Design

7 Elements of Brand Identity Design that will increase productivity in your business.

These elements of a strong brand help you build a strong, positive brand image to convey the right message to the world. 

1. Purpose-oriented:

An effective brand has a clear understanding of what it is and what is not! Rather than proving to be everything, a brand identity knows its purpose and mission, spending all the energy working toward being designed for what it should be, and solving the problems designers to solve.

2. Unique: 

A good brand knows its value strategy and can easily state how it excels in the competition. It does not enter an over-filled market and go through the services of the existing brands; rather differentiates itself through a unique brand message that frequently refers to the functions and features that make it unique. 

3. Knowing the target market:

A successful brand checks over who could possibly buy the product or use the service. Most brand messages are designed to serve a carefully researched market, and it is absolutely okay if the brand does not attract people who would not become a customer!

4. Staying on-brand always:

A strong brand must accurately and consistently convey about itself- both features and identity, in every official communication. This means the brand need not be too concerned, unless it is a part of brand identity, and it is acceptable to be humorous, exciting, or smart only if the brand needs it so! 

5. Genuine:

A brand that proves itself true, does not try to be something that it is NOT! As this is more of being purpose-oriented, it is more complex. Being unique means that the brand does not only accurately define itself (purpose), but also ensures who it “really” is!

6. Determined:

Every brand possibly gets negative feedback, even if the brand is perfectly strategized, detailed, and well-executed. Certain feedbacks are valid, in situations where a brand made a mistake. In other cases, “haters just hate”. 

7. Visually Extraordinary:

A strong brand has a logo and attractive colors that make it unique, quickly identifiable, and compatible with the brand identity. More importantly, it must be visually consistent everywhere. Such a “picture” speaks a lot about the brand and a small change could possibly confuse the customer or make it seem like the business is not taken seriously.

What does a Brand Identity Designer Do?

The brand identity designer uses techniques to create the essential elements of the brand. A logo, color pattern, layout, voice, and tone should be unique to your company, demonstrating your brand. 

An identity designer does not make the conveyor belt in your warehouse work faster or state the employers to hire. However, the public’s perception can be influenced by creating a suitable, consistent ‘look and feel’.  

Brand Identity Design Services

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