The term "DECT" stands for "Digital Enhanced Cordless Technology," and it refers to both analog and IP DECT phones. While IP DECT phones are typically integrated into larger phone systems or IP PBX systems, analog DECT phones have their base stations directly connected to the service provider's analog PSTN lines. When compared to their analog counterparts, IP DECT phones have more modern functionality that is more ideal option for Wireless Telephone Systems in UAE. offers a wide range of wireless telecom system solutions in the UAE including Panasonic, NEC, Grandstream, Cisco, Yealink, Snom, RTX & many more.

Wireless Dect Phones in Dubai

DECT phones, commonly referred to as cordless phones, are frequently utilized in wireless phone networks, notably in enterprises where they provide workspace mobility. With these phone sets, customers can walk around their homes or places of business while still staying connected during calls. The DECT telephone system comprises a base station and one or more DECT phones that are all wirelessly connected. Modern DECT phone systems can install extra base stations and repeaters to increase coverage and support more users. These phones are essential for companies that value employee mobility on their property. Examples of such businesses include huge office buildings, hotels, hospitals, and warehouses.

Need for DECT Phones

The main benefit of a DECT phone is that it allows you to leave your office or phone table. DECT phones give you the flexibility to place calls from different spots around the house or office. Additionally, calls between the base station and the handset can be transferred. The intercom capability, which enables internal communication within the home or workplace, is another useful feature of DECT phones. These Phones are a good choice for actuating wireless communication in enterprises and is most commonly used as 

  • Branch Office Connectivity
  • Hotel Phone systems
  • Conference Phone Systems
  • Call Centre solutions

Understanding DECT Phone Range

A DECT phone's range is the maximum distance you can be from the base station and still be able to talk on the handset. The normal range of a DECT phone is between 50 and 300 meters indoors and outdoors. Modern IP DECT phones, however, can increase their range by using repeaters. The manufacturer's claimed ranges should be understood to be theoretical and subject to substantial variation depending on a number of variables including weather, physical obstructions like walls, and radio interference. Testing and practical application are required to ascertain the actual range for a wireless phone in your particular business.

Dect Phones Available in UAE

Our Broad Range of DECT Phone Brands Avaya, Grandstream, Yealink, Cisco, Panasonic, NEC, Snom, and RTX DECT Phones are just a few of the well-known wireless DECT phone manufacturers we carry. These premium wireless phone options are perfect for a variety of situations, including offices, manufacturing sites, and medical facilities.


The innovative cordless mobility solution provided by RTX VoIP and DECT Phones Dubai has exceptional sound quality and is ideal for home, home office, and commercial use.  The system can be expanded to accommodate up to 200 phones and 40 base stations with three repeaters connected in a daisy chain each. This seamless handover technology provides flawless call transitions between base stations without users noticing in large offices or warehouses. suitable for both tiny offices and large spaces.

Grandstream DECT phone

A strong and affordable option is provided by the Grandstream DECT phone in Dubai. It is simple to set up and ensures excellent performance for both home and small business customers. The Grandstream DP715 VoIP DECT Phones provide exceptional sound quality and are easy to use. They are quite portable because of their small size. These DECT phones have a solid track record for flexible deployments and fully comply with SIP/DECT specifications.

Yealink DECT Phone

The SIP Cordless Phone System from Yealink is intended for SOHO and small business users in Dubai. These SIP-based mobile communication systems are fully functional and scalable on these cost-effective, feature-rich DECT phones. Yealink meets all cordless phone requirements with high-quality performance and simple operation, offering a pleasant calling experience with increased mobility. The Yealink W52P SIP Cordless DECT Phone is a VoIP phone with advanced capabilities such as intercom, call transfer, 3-way conferencing, and PoE support that is specifically made for small enterprises and SOHO customers. It offers cost savings and scalability with wireless communication. Most IP PBX systems in UAE support SIP functions with it without any issues.

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Cordless Phones in Dubai

DECT and Cordless Phones eliminate the need for cords and provide wireless mobility for homes and offices. Calls can be placed and received while the user is moving around. They significantly improve productivity and communication in hotels, homes, and companies. Using a DECT wireless phone system can be convenient, and increase productivity.

Within a certain frequency band, DECT phones enable a secure voice-only private network. DECT phones come in two varieties: analog DECT phones and IP DECT phones. Although IP DECT phones have more functionality than Analog DECT phones, both types of DECT phones work on the same principles, with IP DECT phones having the advantage of VoIP technology.

DECT Wireless Phones are adaptable and suitable for various kinds of businesses, including those in the healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and hospitality sectors. Business DECT Phone Systems ensure seamless communication by meeting the demands of office workers, teleworkers, and mobile workers.

Wireless Telephone Solutions in UAE

Being a leading IT Company in UAE, Iknasoft wireless phone system solutions are made to be extremely scalable and feature-rich, to meet the constantly expanding needs of contemporary enterprises. We provide telephone products that enable a range of communication protocols, including SIP, IP, TDM, video, cable, and wireless. You can select the office telephone system that best suits your company's demands from a readily available variety.

For all sorts of organizations, our telephone system installation service offers the greatest degree of customization and flexibility. At Iknasoft we provide the most affordable high-tech installation services for telephone systems and IP phones in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. To learn more about DECT Phone System Installation or to acquire Telephone Products in the UAE, get in touch with Iknasoft Dubai right away.

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