Are you planning to install a new security camera system to protect your commercial area? Iknasoft is there to help you! Iknasoft is a leading CCTV installation company in Dubai that offers installation of top-notch security for residential and commercial properties in UAE.

CCTV (also known as Closed Circuit Television) functions as an ongoing security system that may record any events that occur around where it is situated. CCTV systems are available with a wide range of picture resolutions, integration options, and use cases. Some cameras can tilt or zoom for high coverage, while others are designed to scan license plates as they enter a parking lot. A security camera system is required for any business. Iknasoft is your perfect digital partner that aims to deliver services of the highest quality and reliability.

CCTV Installation in UAE

Real-time monitoring

Live video makes sure that information is accurate and it makes it possible for companies to capture the offenders in the act and leaves no space for misunderstanding.

Prevent vandalism

Security cameras and other effective deterrents work to stop theft, vandalism, and break-ins.

Cut down security-related costs

Installing CCTV cameras all over your property will be much less expensive than paying security guards to be on duty constantly at strategic locations.

Intercom systems

The intercom systems enhance the protection and safety of your commercial or company property while enabling communication between residents in different portions of your structure and with outside guests.

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Types of CCTV Camera Installation Services in UAE

We are committed to giving you the best structured cabling and CCTV installation services in Dubai to promote surveillance and secure space for you. 

Outdoor Camera Installation

These cameras are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and can be mounted on walls, ceilings, or poles to cover outdoor spaces effectively.

Indoor Camera Installation

These cameras come in various styles, including dome, bullet, and PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom), and can be discreetly placed within homes, offices, and buildings to capture high-quality video footage.

Wireless Camera Installation

It is easy to install because they don't require extensive cabling. They are ideal for locations where it is best for wireless networking and where wiring might be challenging or undesirable.

Network/IP Camera Installation

IP cameras have advanced features like motion detection and night vision and are connected to a network, allowing for remote viewing and easy integration with other security systems.

Analog Camera Installation

These are traditional and cost effective CCTV cameras that use analog signals to transmit video that are perfectly suitable for basic surveillance needs.

CCTV Installation Process in UAE

Our System Integrators meticulously work to analyze the apt requirements for your business and help you establish the best CCTV systems in Dubai

Choosing the perfect location for the camera

We take into account the necessary field of vision but avoid directing the CCTV cameras directly towards light sources like windows, entrances, and lighting. Despite the fact that enough illumination is necessary, too much light negatively impacts image quality.

Running the cables

We make sure to run one of the pre-terminated cables provided between the position of the camera and the control equipment (DVR) at each place for the camera.

Managing the cables

We plan a path for all the wires, starting with the ones that go from the cameras to the DVR. We use wire moldings to handle and keep your wire or wires secure. We make sure that the moldings should be fastened just along the route. 

Connecting the monitor

We attach the DVR to the power supply input of the device. Following completion, we attach the power supplies for the DVR, monitor, and camera to the primary power source. To connect the display to the DVR, we use a BNC-BNC cable, a Scart lead, or a VGA lead.

Installing the CCTV system

This is the last step. We continue to set up your DVR. We might need you to install a hard drive. With this, we are able to complete the process of installation of the CCTV system.

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Components of CCTV system

We need a high-quality modem or router to transmit the video online captured by the CCTV system. In order to ensure smooth live streaming, we must use a good modem and high-speed internet connection. Iknasoft’s CCTV system consists of

  • Internal HDD
  • CCTV Camera
  • Modem/Router
  • Monitor

Features of our CCTV system

  • Analytics for video
  • Recording facilities with adjustable time frames
  • Footfall counting and access control
  • Number plate recognition

CCTV Installation Company in Dubai


Iknasoft in Dubai provides high-quality security camera setup services at a very affordable cost. Our crew is highly technical and has more than ten years of expertise. Regardless of the scope of the project, the client's happiness has always come first. Every single consumer is treated equally by us.

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Being a renowned CCTV Service provider in Dubai, we are now emerging as the trustable and most efficient CCTV company in Abu Dhabi too. Contact Us

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