Retail POS System

Iknasoft is the renowned Retail POS System (Point of Sale) Software Solution Provider in UAE that offers a highly affordable custom point of sales system. Not just that, we have the best custom app development solutions to build the most curated applications like Accounting Software, ERP and CRM software, etc.

Retail POS System businesses need a POS that may be given any sort of payment. However, retail companies can even want a POS that may track sales and manage their product inventories. With dozens of point-of-sale (POS) systems to pick out from, every with various features, it could be tough to determine that's the excellent POS machine to your needs. we are able to help you.

VAT, Corporate Tax Billing and Invoicing

Billing and invoicing are crucial components of running a commercial enterprise. With the Iknasoft billing and invoicing software program in UAE, you may facilitate and streamline your billing procedure. One of the excellent POS to your retail commercial enterprise.

Gracious commercial enterprise scheme

Formulate your nicest concept and let it show up with our IKNASoft POS software program. It is your next smart move to gather your business. We leverage your retail corporations from startup to IPO, right away with eCommerce approaches in-sync It's far precisely a single-stop cloud solution for all retail.

Top #1 Retail POS System in UAE

Point of sale (POS), a vital chunk of a factor of purchase, pertains to the area of interest where a customer enforces the expenditure for welfare or services and wherein offers taxes can also additionally end up payable. It may be in a bodily shop, in which POS terminals and networks are used to procedure card bills or a digital income factor together with a PC or cellular digital device.

POS structures are increasingly interactive, extraordinarily inside the hospitality industry, and permit dependents to vicinity orders and reservations and pay payments electronically.

Retail POS System

Features of POS software program

Retail POS System
100% store surveillance

Billing and online notice

Vendor management

Purchase management

Promotions and discounts

Employee management

Catalog and inventory management

Integrates into any point-of-sale (POS) platform

The level of integration is based on customer requirements

POS for small business

Small businesses require cost-effective, user-friendly Point of Sale (PoS) systems that are compatible with various hardware devices and can easily scale with business growth. Our PoS systems should offer robust inventory management, support diverse payment methods, integrate with other software, prioritize data security, provide reporting tools, and offer remote management capabilities.

POS Billing

Our PoS system has features that greatly facilitate efficient billing processes. With inventory management and barcode scanning capabilities, businesses can accurately and swiftly scan and calculate product prices, reducing errors and enhancing the overall customer checkout experience.


Our Cloud storage enhances PoS (Point of Sale) systems by providing a secure and scalable platform for storing transaction data, ensuring data redundancy and accessibility from multiple locations.

Secure your time and your future

Our PoS systems are designed to save time for both customers and businesses. Quick and accurate billing, inventory tracking, and payment processing reduce customer wait times at the checkout counter.


PoS Software Company in Dubai

Iknasoft is a distinguished PoS software company in Dubai, specializing in providing comprehensive Point of Sale (PoS) setup and installation solutions across the UAE. Our skilled professionals possess in-depth knowledge of the unique requirements of the UAE market, ensuring that each PoS setup is tailored to meet the specific needs of the client. Whether you're a small retailer or a large enterprise, Iknasoft's expertise and dedication make them the go-to choice for PoS setup and installation services in Dubai and throughout the United Arab Emirates. Contact Iknasoft UAE now!

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