Email & SMS Marketing Services

Iknasoft is the best IT company for Email & SMS Marketing Services in UAE that offers bulk SMS Marketing Advertising, email campaign, and text delivery.

When executed right, email & SMS advertising and marketing campaigns are simple, efficient, fee-powerful, and studied with the aid of using applicable eyes. Email advertising and marketing, lets you hook up with your audience to sell your brand and increase sales. We create special emails to tell and preserve your audience. Whether you're a huge or medium-sized business, emails are an exceptional way to meet your audiences who've been out-of-attain in a price and time-powerful manner.

Bulk Email marketing services has 3 essential aims: increasing brand awareness, re-engaging subscribers / customers, and client retention. You can be acquainted with those 3 conversion-driven actions and you can additionally be nicely aware about their significance in the fulfillment of your business. Email advertising might not be the primary component to your thoughts while you listen those things. You have used specific advertising techniques with various degrees of fulfillment. But what if there is one high-appearing advertising approach which you are lacking.


Our Email Marketing Services Include

Research and insights.

Content development.

Sending campaigns.

Lead generation

Email design

Tracking and Marketing Automation

CRM integration

Spam testing

Retargeting – email and PPC ads

List segmentation

CAN-SPAM compliance audit

Measurement and Optimization


Create greater traffic and extra sales

To get textual content message specials, new product updates or some other information, the clients are usually required to select an automatic device through messaging a number one quick code. At the factor whilst the 5-digit code is messaged, the phone number of the consumer is then placed away through something SMS advertising software program is issuing the texts. A confirmation message is usually dispatched because the receipt for deciding on in, with an opt-out code introduced for ability destiny unsubscribing. But there are numerous Digital Marketing companies` makes use of SMS as the principal advertising strategy, their customers are probably passing up a excellent possibility for interactions with clients and increased ROI.

Email marketing services

If you want to know what SMS marketing is, don't worry??

Email & SMS Marketing Services
 Direct, on the spontaneous channel

SMS is among the most immediate channels available; with a examine charge of 97% inside 15 mins transport, you may be consoled that your time-important messages could be examine nearly in a cut up second. A sizable 45% of SMS campaigns produce a hit ROI, beating greater than 1/2 of whilst as compared to different mainstream channels, for example, e mail, and social media.

 Utilize quick codes

You can make use of short codes to make clear a reaction and create your database-Have your clients took an initiative to feature a short code or key-word to print ads, collateral, in addition to marketing and marketing forums and social media. This technique means that clients quickly get snug with a logo`s code and key-word and are, as a result, greater prone to have interaction and respond.

 Easy Integration

It can assist and combine with different channels- It is critical that each one channels paintings admirably collectively in the advertising combo and SMS isn’t any unique case. SMS is a huge unbiased channel, in any case, it moreover can enhance and assist different advertising mediums, for example, social media and e mail. And being large on its own, SMS can moreover paintings to enhance and assist different well-known mediums amongst users, for instance, e mail and social media.

 Customer Engagement

You can enhance consumer engagement - Consider SMS a technique to enhance how your logo connects together along with your customers over the complete consumer lifecycle. Businesses ought to make certain to distinguish among the sort of content material they deliver - whilst clients may also really well worth updates and information on predicted traits in the logo, this information is high-quality conveyed thru e mail in which longer, greater creative messaging is greater proper. Also, manufacturers can employ texting for greater instantaneous, traditional sales-associated gives, for instance, discounts, vouchers, promotions or maybe birthday messages.

 Response Data

Response information permits you to display, music and enhance-With the assist of SMS, you may display a which means complete ROI, understand clients who are becoming engages through text message and track delivery rates so as to reveal the truths to the fantasy of SMS being an untraceable channel in addition to bringing it returned in motion with what has been viable with emails

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