A cloud-based solution, Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) in UAE, enables businesses to safeguard and restore their vital data and IT infrastructure in the event of a catastrophe or disruptive incident. A complete set of tools, technologies, and procedures are provided by DRaaS solutions to guarantee business continuity and reduce downtime during an outage. Iknasoft determines the required level of service by taking into account variables like recovery time goals (RTOs) and recovery point objectives (RPOs).

Disaster Recovery Systems in UAE

DRaaS is more affordable than conventional disaster recovery strategies since it does not require large upfront infrastructure and hardware expenditures. Testing and validation features are frequently included in DRaaS systems to assist in uncovering possible problems and enhance recovery processes.

It relieves internal IT staff of some of their workload while ensuring knowledge and assistance from seasoned specialists. Scalability is a feature of DRaaS systems, allowing them to adapt to an organization's changing demands. To replicate and store data and applications in a distant place, DRaaS makes use of cloud computing. This enables speedy recovery and restoration of crucial cloud-based services and data.

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DRaaS Solutions in UAE


DRaaS relocates the whole IT infrastructure to the cloud server, including the structure, operations, data, computer processing, and networking. When a crisis happens, the client’s business quickly switches over to the fully imagined structure so that business may carry on as usual.


To assure the integrity and availability of the duplicated systems and data, the DRaaS provider continuously checks them. This entails keeping an eye out for any modifications, running integrity checks, and confirming the consistency of the copied data.

Data Backup

The systems and data of the organization are replicated by DRaaS providers to a remote data center or to a number of distant data centers. Our Cloud Backup solutions can help you backup and restore whenever possible.

SLAs (service level agreements)

If you have to compete with other visitors for network bandwidth and gar on coffers, it could take longer than you expect to regain access to your data using such services. By discrepancy, your organization may go back up in only a few blinks when utilizing a DRaaS purpose-built service.

User Support

In cases when company continuity is a problem, user assistance is particularly crucial. It is crucial to have the option to phone, email, or use a community forum for help. Knowing the support team's availability hours is crucial because assistance needs do not follow a set timetable.

DRaaS Services in Dubai

As a top cloud network solutions provider in Dubai, Iknasoft IT professionals tend to provide the best DRaaS Services in Dubai. As a supplementary IT infrastructure for your applications, we duplicate the workload from the local IT (not backed up) to offshore server locations.

Replication refers to the real-time mirroring of the complete business process, including all data and applications, to backup servers. In contrast, while doing a backup, we place the data on backup servers at a specific time.

We move your local IT infrastructure access to the distant DR site when you are impacted by a disruptive incident at the office location. Failover is the name of both the procedure and the off-site location.

As a result, there will be little to no downtime when working from the failover site during a crisis.

The access can be restored through a procedure called Failback once the disaster's aftereffects have been addressed.

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Why Iknasoft?

We provide a variety of payment alternatives, including conventional cloud subscriptions and pay-per-use models that only result in payments during emergencies. We also provide our clients the option to select how much control they wish to maintain over their DR environment.

We provide SLAs and confirm that they can satisfy our client's recovery-time demands.

In a multi-cloud context, we make sure to offer cloud-to-cloud replication.

We offer peace of mind by guaranteeing that crucial systems and data can be restored promptly and effectively in the case of unanticipated disasters. It is a cost-effective and scalable strategy.

Best Disaster Recovery Solutions in UAE

DRaaS solutions enable businesses to quickly and effectively recover from a disaster or outage. We define the DRaaS for your requirements and provide the necessary tools for businesses to back up data and applications, restore them in the event of an outage, and maintain business continuity. 

Experience unmatched disaster recovery solutions in UAE with our Iknasoft DRaaS offerings. Safeguard your business against downtime and data loss, ensuring maximum uptime and peace of mind. Contact Iknasoft UAE now!

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