Iknasoft enables businesses in the UAE to protect their IT infrastructure with the implementation of centralized and decentralized security solutions. The ideal security operations model for their company is something that many security leaders are thinking about. Despite the fact that there is no right or incorrect response, Iknasoft has worked with hundreds of businesses and has noticed several themes that may guide security specialists toward the ideal IT security architecture.

The majority of firms haven't invested in the model since there hasn't been a need to do so, even though security operations tend to grow more centralized as organizations engage more time, money, and resources in their risk operations. In other words, the company has not yet been exposed to a danger that would have necessitated a substantial investment in centralized security operations.

Decentralized Security in UAE

Decentralized organizations, as the term suggests, have dispersed security teams that frequently handle hazards at the local and/or regional levels. Their security procedures are more self-sufficient, and choices are typically dependent on the locations of certain business units. The first organizations to adopt this paradigm are often smaller ones with more constrained physical footprints and simpler risk management procedures. Product teams are under enormous pressure nowadays to speed up time to market while managing and deploying their own apps. This drastically alters how businesses view their need to secure their systems.

Decentralized security distributes duties and controls to the particular locations that are currently most susceptible to attack rather than the central location. Risk management and security enforcement are made possible by decentralized security throughout the entire organization.

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Centralized Security in UAE

Environments for traditional on-premises company security are typically decentralized. IT teams must manage and maintain security in decentralized settings for every site and application. However, businesses can centralize security controls for all endpoints—physical or virtual—into a single Unified Threat Management (UTM) system using cloud-based infrastructure. The term "UTM" refers to a single security solution and a single security appliance that executes several different security operations simultaneously.

The centralized security team receives intelligence when a threat materializes, occasionally from the managers of the impacted location. The team then communicates the threat to senior leadership and makes recommendations for what should be done. The regional managers are then informed of the team's recommendations so they may reach a final decision. The centralized security team is in charge of monitoring any potential risks across all of the company's sites, conveying action plans, and implementing them until the crisis has been resolved.

Centralized and Decentralized Security Services in UAE

Both of the security systems are the way of implementing cybersecurity systems to your enterprise. Security professionals may create a more efficient workflow and quickly convey strategies to local and regional responses by implementing a centralized system. However, having a single point of failure carries a certain amount of danger.

The entire operation could be in danger if the central command center is compromised. Due to this, several businesses have numerous centralized risk functions whereas Information security becomes a shared responsibility thanks to decentralized security. It can aid in creating a solid culture of security and data protection throughout your entire business. That can help you stop devastating data breaches and even help you establish your company as one that takes client data security very seriously.

IT Infrastructure Solutions
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Components of Centralized Security in UAE


Filter harmful network traffic using a firewall. Both on-premises and cloud-based firewalls are capable of delivering centralized firewall security systems in Dubai. Your network traffic can be encrypted and made anonymous with VPN networking.


They are frequently used in centralized networking solutions to guarantee that outgoing traffic is shielded from hostile actors.

Load Balancing

By distributing traffic among many servers and databases on your network, load balancing helps to maintain traffic during periods of high usage.

Components of Decentralized Security in UAE

Lack of a global clock

Each node operates and abides by its own clock separately since it is independent of the others.

Multiple units

A number of servers, nodes, and computers are used for central computing several central units that can keep an eye on connections to other nodes.

Failure of a dependent component

A central node only impacts a small piece of the system, not the entire system. There's a chance of scaling vertically. Each node can improve its own performance by adding resources (hardware, software), which will benefit the system as a whole.

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IT Network Solution Company in UAE

Iknasoft, a distinguished IT Company in UAE has vast expertise in providing full IT infrastructure solutions. Its top priorities are high performance, security, and data center availability. It effectively helps by providing excellent solutions to overcome such challenges. It is aware that developing IT infrastructure involves a variety of steps, including investing in new technologies, as well as assisting in boosting operational effectiveness and financial success. 

With our cutting-edge technology and expertise, we provide centralized security services that keep your network, systems, and sensitive information shielded from cyber threats, ensuring uninterrupted business operations and peace of mind. Your security is our priority, and we're committed to delivering top-tier protection in an increasingly interconnected world. Contact Iknasoft UAE now!

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