Iknasoft is a leading Network Security Solution provider in Dubai with the best IT consultants to safeguard your network and ensure seamless data flow.

Iknasoft, our team protects your business portals from next-gen threat protection and defends against web-based attacks. Network security solutions are a collection of technologies, procedures, and tactics used to safeguard data, systems, and computer networks from intrusions, assaults, and other security risks.

A leading Network Solutions Company in UAE, we offer prominent security solutions for improving business networks and security is Iknasoft. Our staff at Iknasoft guards against web-based assaults and next-generation threat security for your company portals. We have advanced a brand-new trend of top-rate Network security services in the UAE. With a multi-disciplinary approach, each customer requirement, whether or not personal or business, is fulfilled with years of technical expertise and expertise. There isn't any more secure manner to shield yourself, your private home, or your assets.


Need for Network Security in UAE

In order to protect the data and information of the client, ensure that shared information remains secure, ensure reliable access to the network as well and safeguard against cyber threats, cyber security plays a vital role. Well-designed network and Cybersecurity solutions reduce overhead expenses and protect organizations from costly losses caused by data breaches or other security incidents. Business operations and customer service are enabled by ensuring legitimate access to systems, applications, and data.

Network security solutions in UAE are essential for shielding people and businesses from a variety of security risks.


network security Data protection

Network security solutions protect private information from theft, tampering, and unauthorized access. Organizations may guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of their data by using encryption, access restrictions, and data loss prevention techniques.

network security Keeping Access Unauthorised Secure

Firewalls, VPNs, and authentication procedures are examples of network security solutions that help stop unauthorized users or malevolent entities from accessing networks, systems, and resources. Our Firewall Security Solutions guard you against unauthorized service use, network attacks, and data breaches.

network security Protecting Reputation and Customer Trust

A data leak or security breach may significantly harm a company's reputation and reduce customer trust. Organizations that prioritize network security show their stakeholders that they are dedicated to safeguarding client data and upholding a secure environment.

network security Ensuring Business Continuity

Network security solutions help to ensure business continuity by reducing the effects of security events and disruptions. Organizations may avoid network outages, distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, and other cyber disasters, as well as ensure the availability and dependability of their network infrastructure, by putting strong security measures in place.

Network Security Services in Dubai

Iknasoft is a result-oriented Network security solution company in Dubai, If you run a business firm, there is a high likelihood that your practice has been affected by one or more cyberattacks. We assist our customers to protect their systems from cyberattacks at the cheapest price.

Advanced Network Security for Business

Provides a wide range of enhanced security solutions to protect vital enterprise assets and access to sensitive data.

Network Audit & Monitoring

Process of checking the systems and services comprising a network.Uses tools and expertise to monitor, capture, filter, analyze, and produce weekly or monthly reports on network information.

Enterprise Security Solutions

Designed to integrate multiple features of the business and safeguard your complete enterprise IT. Provides real-time operating information, while helping the company retrieve mission-critical data.

Endpoint Control and security

Blocks suspicious files and alerts users about suspicious activities Iknasoft provides endpoint security solutions from Sonicwall, McAfee, and Symantec.


Email & Web Security

Designed to monitor inbound and outbound traffic, and block certain emails and malicious websites.

Security Strategy for Business

Ensures that the security investments are not wasted. Responsible for alignment of security with business strategy.

Managed Security

Minimize the risk of the devices and leakage of system data. Iknasoft provides the benefits of a firewall, virtual private network, anti-virus

Security Operation Centre (SOC)

Blocks suspicious files and alerts users about suspicious activities Iknasoft provides endpoint security solutions from Sonicwall, McAfee, and Symantec.

IT Network Solutions Company in UAE

Iknasoft UAE is a leading Network Security Solution provider in Dubai with the best IT consultants to safeguard your network and ensure seamless data flow. The following solutions seek to guarantee the availability, confidentiality, and integrity of network resources and data.


Firewalls are network security tools that monitor and regulate both incoming and outgoing network traffic. In order to screen out possible dangers and unauthorized access attempts, it serves as a barrier between an internal network and external networks.


IDSs keep an eye out for unusual activity and well-known attack patterns in network traffic and systems. When possible dangers are found, it produces alerts. While IPSs and IDSs both identify threats, they may also actively stop or prevent them.


SWGs (Secure online Gateways) filter and keep track of online traffic to guard against web-based risks including malware, phishing, and information leakage. To ensure secure web browsing, we offer URL screening, content review, and anti-malware scanning.

VPNs (Virtual Private Networks)

VPNs offer encrypted and secure connectivity across open networks, including the Internet. It provides private communication channels between several networks and allows distant users to safely access internal network resources.


Antivirus and Anti-malware Software

Software programs called antivirus and anti-malware are made to find, stop, and get rid of dangerous programs including viruses, worms, Trojan horses, and ransomware. It frequently features heuristic analysis, real-time scanning, and regular upgrades to safeguard against the most recent threats.

Wireless Network Security

We give you a comprehensive wireless network solution to protect your business from unauthorized access and eavesdropping, encryption techniques like AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) and solutions like Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) and WPA2 are utilized.

Patch management

It helps to address known vulnerabilities and guard against exploitation, it's essential to routinely install security patches and upgrades to network devices, operating systems, and software.

IT Network Security Process in UAE


Iknasoft assesses and analyzes the strength of cybersecurity across the enterprise


Iknasoft designs an adaptable and future-prepared cybersecurity package to implement a complex security strategy


Iknasoft transforms, automates, and organizes across the IT infrastructure, data, and applications from this space to the Cloud


Iknasoft enables to control, operate, observe, detect, and respond to cyber attacks


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